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MAX barrier packaging is mainly used for fresh meat, fish, cheese,cook-in products and other products which require high barrier for oxygen and water.

High Oxygen Resistance

With excellent oxygen and ordor barrier property,it keeps oxygen away from the meat to slow microbial growth and extend the shelf life of chilled meat and can keep the color of chilled meat natural for a longer time.

High Water Resistance

With high water barrier property, it makes the meat shelf-life be extended to 30-90 days at 0 to 4 ℃ storage environment and protects your products from water loss or decaying. It prevents you from profit loss due to the water loss and surface drying of the meat by using common bags.

High Strength

Compared with other common film, the stretch technology is introduced to shrink film manufacturing process  and the tensile strength is doubled. It provides possibility to reduce pollution and packaging costs by decreasing the thickness of the packaging film.

Low Residual

The film producing process is a kind of organic molten co-extruded physical composition of several barrier materials  which is green process for environmental protection, so there is no worries of residue solvent pollution.